VoIP Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

VoIP Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

Promotional Give One-Week Extension

We’re Pleased to announce the Expansion of the December Promotional Offer for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Communications Clients. BE 100% SURE TO GET FAMILY, FRIENDS AND YOUR TSUNAMI RELIEF ON THE VoIP PRODUCT WHILE WE HAVE THIS EXTENSION.

On account of this personal computer mix-up on Dec. 30th and 31st, our spouses at Packet8 have consented to expand the advertising starting Monday Night 1/10/05 in 8pmest. Thru Friday Night 1/14/05 in 8pmest.

The Promotion is the next FOR THIS WEEK ONLY!!!
FREE UNIT = ($60 Value) FREE ACTIVATION = ($29 Value) (2) FREE MONTHS SERVICE = ($40 Value) Total Savings of $129
Do not lose out on this very unique extension being supplied to us!!!! Continue the fantastic work and when we could show them the worth of the sales forceArticle Search, they will always do anything they can to help YOU promote your company.

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