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Pocket Awareness

much of the damage and injury caused by earthquakes could be prevented if early warning of a destructive earthquake were available.

Earthquake Early Warning App

An earthquake early warning app?

Today earthquake happened and did you get shocked? To be ready for the next earthquake there is a free earthquake early warning application for smartphones, Farzad said. Today we have just an Android version in our basket but we are working for iOS, Windows Phone, and others. We can do it faster with your support. This is an endeavour to decrease the time you are being shocked with an earthquak.

Free Earthquake Early Warning App

Pocket Awareness could warn you about incoming earthquakes seconds earlier but it’s not an earthquake perdition system and wouldn't warn several days sooner.

Some countries are able to get warn about an earthquake several days earlier but they refuse to use their earthquake prediction system for public warning.

By getting alerts from warning system installed on your smartphone you could catch some golden seconds to stop driving your car, hug your child, run out, start screaming, find a safe place or any activities you would like to do. You can subscribe yourself in our email newsletter to get the latest news about the release time. The application is completed and we are on latest testing stages for public use. What is an earthquake early warning? If you don't know about early warning system you can search on the internet or refer to an article published by Berkeley university.

A promotion

To protect yourself from being shocked with an earthquake during asleep, you can get our free earthquake alert application before this Autumn, Farzad said. You can also register to get latest newsletter about the progress of the earthquake early warning system on which we are working on it to get more details.


Requirements for have an earthquake early warning application in your pocket:

  1. Your smartphone
  2. Adequate number of users around you [installed this app]
  3. Simultaneous access to the Internet

Smartphones Could Fill the Gaps In an Earthquake Early Warning Network

Alicia Walker An early warning system for earthquakes can’t come soon enough for the US, which is lagging behind other seismically active countries like Mexico and Japan. But for an early warning system to be effective it needs lots of sensors, which can be expensive to install and maintain. A new study says we might not need to invest in all that many sensors: New smartphones work just as well, Alicia Walker said.

Earthquake Early Warning

Berkeley Seismological Lab Earthquake Early Warning systems are an approach to earthquake hazard mitigation which takes advantage of the rapid availability of earthquake information to quantify the hazard associated with an earthquake and issue a prediction of impending ground motion prior to its arrival in populated or otherwise sensitive areas, Gilead Wurman said.